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Caesarean Pack

The caesarean scar is a proud mark of motherhood, but it can sometimes cause discomfort and complications. Fortunately, physiotherapy offers innovative approaches to improve the appearance and comfort of the scar. Among these approaches, the combination of INDIBA therapy has become an effective treatment to address post-operative concerns related to the C-section scar.

INDIBA therapy uses radiofrequency technology to stimulate cell regeneration, improve blood circulation and promote skin elasticity. This is essential for smoothing and reducing the appearance of the caesarean scar, as well as improving comfort in the area.



→Pelvic and abdominal floor assessment by our physiotherapist.

→5 INDIBA radiofrequency sessions

→2 pressotherapy sessions 


→450 eur.


We also have a GIFT CARD for the person you love the most!

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